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Face Mask


Throughout the COVID-19 Crisis we have tried our best to support our community and thousands of small businesses and individuals. With hand sanitizer becoming more readily available to the general public, we have started the process to switch back to liquor production. We have over 1,000 gallons of hand sanitizer in stock to allow us to continue supplying small businesses and groups we have already formed relationships with, as well as continue donations throughout our community. We will no longer be fulfilling small orders, but if you have an Austin area business in need of sanitizing products, please reach out to us through the contact form! 


                                                            Thorn Distillery

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Thorn Distillery is an all natural craft distillery in Austin Texas producing Ultra Premium Spirits and Hard Seltzers, as well as small batch experimental exotic liquors. We implement organic practices as frequent as possible and only the use highest quality ingredients from around the world, while supporting local farmers, suppliers, and communities.   Every product we make is a reflection of our chase for perfection. Products different by design and focused on being cleaner, smoother, and easier to drink. Part of every bottle sold goes directly towards helping Wounded Veterans, Children in Need, and helping us end Domestic Violence. The effects of COVID-19 have made drastic changes to the world and opened our eyes to the importance of being prepared. We have made disaster relief a permanent plan in our business model and wether it's pandemics or natural disasters in the future, we will always be ready to supply our community and country with as much clean water and sanitizing products as possible.

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