We believe alcohol should be made as responsible as our patrons. Everything that goes into a bottle of Thorn is organically grown in the USA by some of the hardest working people in the world. We operate with the understanding that a liquor should earn its worth as much as you do. From grain to glass in our distillery. Never sourced and no shortcuts taken. No artificial flavors, colors, or people. Thorn  is the most mixable clear liquor on the planet. Made for the people that deserve a drink, here’s to you!


Thorn  is proudly handmade in one of the greatest cities in the world, Austin Texas! We’re Austin born and raised! But we’re nothing without the support from our amazing community that stretches way outside the Travis County lines. We care about people. We know life isn't always great BBQ and Lady Bird paddle boarding. That’s why a portion of every months profits will go to helping our community. We don't believe in supporting one cause, there's too many awesome people that deserve a hand. Thank you to everyone that supports Thorn! We support you.



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Thorn is made to deserve you, by a company that supports you. No lies about being "handmade" when their product is actually bought in bulk on the other side of country. We only make organic products from the best grains in the world, cooked, fermented, and distilled in our distillery. That means no GMO's or harmful toxins ever go into our liquors. Because we use great ingredients, we don't have to distill our product 10x to make it drinkable. Our liquor is made organic and smooth. Pour it with your favorite mixer and enjoy a liquor designed to be better. Creating a great liquor isn't where we stopped. We love our community and country. A part of every bottle or product sold goes directly to helping a veteran or child in our communities. No generic charity donations, we believe in getting involved. We believe in being a company you can be proud of. If you know a veteran or child going through difficult times and feel like we can help, please reach out to us!   



If you know a veteran or child in need, write  us a message and we'll get in contact with you ASAP. While we can't help everyone, we do love our community and we care! Please contact us for any reason. 

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